Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Written July 16, 2009.

Today you could call for me

and I would not hear you over

tidal roar or hooves gaining

early morning ground. Oh

insistent speed that said,

It’s Time, and I released you.

When unwelcome gusts

brought unwelcome ghosts,

the fabric of nightfall could not hold.

Tension mounted its broad, tight

horse outside the gate, where

dogs had given up.

You could have called for me

that night among clanging stars

and crashing iron. I’d have heard

you. Why did you not call?

I waited. Sundown. Sunrise.

Roosters forgot the hour. The chicks

they begat ticked across the road

like tiny, neglected bombs. I didn’t start

after them, but let them

go in waves.

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